New Product introduction
Case study involves Altiva enterprises corp. Altiva wanted to introduce a new product to a large retail distributor in Canada with interest of growth in the USA.

Initial test market was done in local Ottawa camping and RV show, followed up with A large Canadian Distributor, and was exhibited at their annual purchasing show in Niagara Falls. Approximately 100 RV dealers attended with $7500.00 in sales generated. Product was sold as a set of 10 pieces with no packaging or product branding.

Design Concept
Develop branding, name, marketing and packaging along with merchandiser copy for the chosen retailer Canadian Tire.
Testa Concepts began with a feasibility study to provide detailed information on the retailer such as, buying cycles, parameters, price points and quantities.

Name and branding developed with the intent of communicating directly to the buyer product intent and use. The display was designed to fit on shelf space and fit easily into the retailers Plano gram configuration.

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Business plan
Testa concepts developed a comprehensive business proposal to the retailer outlining the product, its history, branding , packaging, industry overview & trends, target markets and competition analysis.

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