Product and Packaging development
Case study involves a major player in the women’s hygiene products market.

Playtex products USA wanted to engage young women, ages 13 and up who were about to begin their feminine cycles with a product launch via a free sample.

In the past sample packs were mailed out to individual households across the USA or handed out in shopping malls by specialty promo companies. Product was packaged using a flow pack plastic bag option and clearly marked as a feminine hygiene product which was received by the young girls with some embarrassment when handed out face to face in the shopping malls.
Playtex wanted a discrete way to reach their target audience, as well as provide them with the knowledge that they were well aware of how this transition period could be an awkward one.

Move the product out of the pharmaceutical image context and reposition into a fun and funky discovery route by means of a marketing vehicle that spoke to their concerns. Make the whole process more engaging and in terms young girls understand …cool..

Where visions become real
Concepts developed were based around cosmetic design influences. Cases were developed to store the tampons before use, in bright colours with a metallic finish injection molded plastic. Many designs were submitted before a final direction was chosen. Then a 3 panel fold out was designed to replace the bag only option as the handout vehicle.

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